Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Re-entry to blogging world!

Long long time ago I had started off as a blogger. I heard from people and most importantly my close friends that the last one was an instant hit. Many tried inspiring me to write more. I ended up writing blogs which are still stuck in my laptop and the lazy bone me never ended up posting it. Last week got a message from a friend asking me the link of my blog. Honestly I had to hunt for it. Then it hit upon me as to what was I doing until now.

So here's an instant blog which might pave way for me to come back to something that is intriguing and a passionate.

I sometimes wonder what's with God he created this wonderful earth and then he created the "WE, the ones who think ourselves as the super powers". We believe and heavily bank upon the Darwin's survival of the fittest theory but amidst all these entire do we real find the time to cherish the beautiful small moments that make our life livable and not just a fight to survive? No wonder, we have such a mechanical life and we hide ourselves being the shining armor of "monthly commitments" and have long forgotten the real meaning of living and let living.

Here's a blog dedicated to the creator of the Mother Earth ;)

The creator of the world,
Let us know what thought came to you..
To indulge in such a beautiful creation..
Wondrous on why you created the enticing mother earth....??????

We meet people with different perspectives here
who walk through the battle of life with the loved ones
with the feelings that glittering like a crescent moon...
Yeah we love but only our loved ones,
Wondrous on what the rest are upon.
Y have you created a feeling such bold only to end up being selfish?
Y did you create this beautiful world...??

You made us laugh; you taught us how to cry...
How does it feel....? Did you ever try...??
You made us accept every challenging phase...
U made us realize that life is a race...
We ended up being monotonous and good at winning
Y have you created a feeling such bold only to end up being selfish?
Y did you create this beautiful world...??

You made this breathe taking mother nature,
Where the sun and moon open their shutter..
With beautiful creations, bright colors and seasons
The Spring, autumn, summer and the monsoon showers...
Along with this you gave us the ironical brain
to destroy the mother earth and to build huge towers....
And now we claim that it is ours and separate ourselves with borders.
Now all the feelings have become so cold...
Every creature in the world is being sold...
Y did you give us a mind, where ideas come so bold...
Y have you created a feeling such bold only to end up being selfish?
Y did you create this beautiful world....??

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

True Love- Dedicated to Ms Sushmita Sen

I love Sushmita Sen!! Surprised that a female blogger is talking about female icon instead of King Khan’s and Singh’s around? Don’t be!

She is a diva, one of a kind- attractive, witty, charming and living life on her terms...

She has to her credits of adopting a baby against all odds becoming a single mother, unlike the so called Miss Universe’s/World’s/India’s who deliver speeches on green revolution, poverty, Women Rights, Child abuse, Nuclear wars and forget all about it once they achieve the actual goal of becoming famous and dancing around the trees in Bollywood. :P

If that’s not all she did touch my life without even being aware of it! :D.

The year gone by for me was so filled with Love, Togetherness, Happiness and Fun. I am one of those social networking sites addicted lunatic. It was early 08 when I used to be a part of orkut regularly but had Sushmita’s picture as my display picture. She represented a strong women. I did identify myself as a part of the population who spoke their minds. I recall the days’ past and suddenly I feel as if I am overpowered by the soul of Pooja’s boyfriend (character from the movie “Dil Chahta hai” who remembered every possible dates) :D

Read on:
January 31st of 2008- I read a scrap on my profile from someone saying he loved Sushmita too. I did visit the guy’s profile and read his hilarious profile and really liked the way he had expressed himself.

February 4th- I replied to his scrap. We slowly graduated to chatting with each other. Talk about lost souls, I was dumbstruck; I had found someone so alike, like me. We almost came out with same topics to discuss simultaneously. Two days later we exchanged numbers. No no!! there was no stopping us now, the two blabber mouths! :D

February 14th- The guy proposed me. I did like the thought of having someone who loves adventure, fun and shared the same thought process with me all throughout my life. I had my own reservation and concerns. I hadn’t even met the guy and I had no faith in networking sites where you never know if the person really exists or not :D. But must say this guy was real different in such a short time I had all his details from his home address, his future plans and his family. :P He left to his hometown Mumbai a week later, introduced me to his mom on phone. His Mom sure was a sweet woman and we hit it off like a house on fire!

Feburary 27th– Unaware of her son’s feelings, his mom asked me too a direct question “Will u marry my son? I could feel my heart skip a beat. This never had happened to me, neither do I believe any of you here reading this would have come across this kind of a situation. I found myself hunting for words, stammering. All I managed to put in words is I needed to talk to my parents :D. I was given a deadline of 15 days to think about it along with a tag attached “15th day I am going to see another girl for him whose one of our relative” :D

March 3rd- He was back in Bangalore and that was the first time I met this rather innocent looking guy who was otherwise everything than what he looked like. We spent the evening chatting away like old friends.

March 15th- Birthday time!! He was celebrating a rather quite birthday at his place. I wondered how can a fun-loving extrovert spend such a calm day. I did ask him on call as to why had it been such a quite day. He bluntly said “You aren’t’ with me here to celebrate my birthday, what do I do? That moment I don’t know what struck me, was that cupid playing his tricks on me? Something kept ringing in my ears “This is the guy, this is the guy you have been waiting for all these years for”” I asked him to give me a moment cut the call and nervously dialled my home number. I could hear my mom on the other end. I told her “Mom, I have something to tell u, I think there is someone I want you to talk to. I love someone and I want you to talk to his mom right away. I believe no one can ever keep your daughter happier then this guy” She reconfirmed if I was sure. I said “Go ahead, Mom that’s it call that number right away.” :D. 20 Minutes later both our Mom’s had spoken to each other, they did decide to take the matter ahead. ;) I asked my Mom to do another favour of calling him personally and wishing him his birthday. Later in the evening I Spoke to MY MAN this time and asked him if he had received his Bday present. :D. I could hear a voice that was happy and surprised saying that was the best gift he did ever get.

April 11th– We got engaged. My father was a proud father who felt and still feels he had found a right guy for his daughter through a site called . :D (Unaware that all of us conspired against him to make him believe that it was an arranged marriage)

July 6th 2009– My Status Message on Orkut read - Successfully completed a year in the venture called “Marriage”. As fresh on my mind as if it was yesterday that I met this sweet guy who is sweeter, cooler than he was a year ago: P He makes me feel complete. He makes me feel stronger and happier.

Sushmita - Thank you for being my Display Picture :D. If you weren’t around I wouldn’t have got that one scrap which changed my life for best.

And, as for me now?

I just love spending each day of my life with a day dreamer, a true-blue romantic leading a melodramatic life that he fondly call as larger than life, Sandy!. There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved. :)